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In Doers & Dreamers, 150 leading entrepreneurs, marketers and leaders share actionable insights on how to create more impact in business. Get inspired by people like ...

  • Blueye Robotics founder Christine Spiten
  • WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg
  • Gemmyo founder Pauline Laigneau
  • Olympic gymnast Sanne Wevers
  • Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky
  • Mysterious' CEO Prerna Gupta
  • Inspiring investor Tim Ferriss
  • Marketing-guru Seth Godin
  • AI-guru Shyamala Prayaga
  • Professor Steve Blank
  • ... and 140 others!
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Doers & Dreamers was released on December 6th, 2023.
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1 of the 150 doers

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is co-founder of WordPress, which now powers over 40% of all websites in the world!

He is the founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, Tumblr, WPVIP, Day One, and Pocket Casts. Additionally, Matt runs Audrey Capital, an investment and research company.

He has been recognized for his leadership by Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch, Fortune, Fast Company, Wired, University Philosophical Society, and Vanity Fair.

Meet the other 149 authors of Doers & Dreamers


Jonathan Low

The Future belongs to the Curious

Jonathan Low is a keynote speaker, co-founder of JumpStory and the editor of Doers & Dreamers.

In this blog post, he shares the vision behind creating the Doers & Dreamers book together with colleague Viktoria Stoyanova.
He suggests to think of the book as a good friend that can help you in your pursuit to turn dreams into reality.

Some articles in Doers & Dreamers are hands-on with concrete tools and goals, whereas others share stories about what works, and what doesn’t.

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Zeta Yarwood
“Make the comfort zone so unbearably uncomfortable that your only option is to move towards something else."
Zeta Yarwood
Award Winning Executive & Career Coach
Andreas Ehn
"Many people talk about disruption and how to disrupt markets. Did Napster disrupt the music industry, or did Spotify? Neither I believe. Technology disrupted the industry”
Andreas Ehn
Partner at Approach & previously CTO at Spotify
Naveen Jain
"Entrepreneurs fail all the time. The challenge is not to avoid failing, but to fail fast and cheap."
Naveen Jain
Founder at Moon Express and Viome Life Sciences
Martin Lindstrøm
"Boredom, in fact, is the foundation for creativity. I hadn’t allowed myself a moment’s boredom for decades. Now I endured boredom — and I was more creative than ever."
Martin Lindstrøm

Founder & Chairman at Lindstrom Company

Bruce Kasanoff
"There are many times when you can have a greater impact when you abandon the need to take credit. Try it out. You’ll be amazed at your results."
Bruce Kasanoff

Transformational Listener, Ghostwriter & Coach

String Nguyen
"Ideas are seeds. Dreams are often stuck inside our heads, but what's the fun in that? Even if we dream a brilliant idea, it will be wasted if it's never realized."
String Nguyen

Founder at The Trusted Voice

Signe Hartvig Daugaard
"Despite the fact that there are 1.3 billion people with disabilities worldwide, the representation of that same group only takes up 1 percent of advertising in primetime."
Signe Hartvig Daugaard

Founder & CEO at Great Minority

Tim Ferriss
“In a world of dogmatic specialists, it’s often the generalist who ends up running the show.”
Tim Ferriss

Investor, Author & Entrepreneur

Steve Blank
"If your pitch is not going to knock investors’ socks off, if you cannot communicate a big vision and a unique insight about the 10x advantages which customers and users will care deeply about, then even if you build out the smartest, most thoughtful process of chasing fundraising, you will fail."
Steve Blank

Adjunct Professor at Stanford & Co-founder of the Gordian Knot Center

Mark Schaefer
"The effectiveness of ‘traditional’ ads and marketing is eroding rapidly. The ‘sales funnel’ is collapsing, and customers own the buyer’s journey … not you."
Mark Schaefer

Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Author